May 10, 2012

Sean Greene for PLAYspace Volume 1

We are pleased to feature in PLAYspace Volume 1 both an essay by Sean Greene on Heather Kasunick and a view into his studio practice and ideas about art. Greene describes Kasunick in terms that do not make immediate sense "simple, elegant, doodle-like" but also as "a visual and verbal journal of things noticed, and those things played with visually." Greene himself builds color-sensitive constructions that remind us of flow charts or lava lamps and give equal play to the authority of science, sensory impulses, and a nostalgia attached to rock-n-roll, skateboarding and graffiti with anthem-ironic titles like “Dream Your Tomorrow” and “Talk to Strangers.” We are left happily dizzy in figuring the difference.

Sean Greene's studio:

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